Clean Undies and Your Spiritual Growth

You know you’ve said it! “Spiritual Growth”- the buzz phrase thrown around in our churches and small groups like candy at a parade. It’s rated right up there with “I’ll pray for you” and “Have a blessed day”. Also “bless your heart” but I live in the south and that means something a litle different down here.

But what if we stopped and really thought about the words.

Spiritual… the innermost part of ourselves. The precious spark that God created and cherished above all of creation! Not only most cherished but He died and rose again so that He could spend eternity with YOUR SPIRIT!

Growth… forward motion. Not stagnate. Not moving backwards. Purposeful striving to reach higher goals, create deeper bonds, reach new levels, go deeper into understanding.

Put together spiritual and growth and a powerful thing happens. Perhaps the most meaningful endeavor you can pursue on this earth. Reaching for a deeper and more meaningful connection with Jesus. Walking beside Him. Picking up your cross. Following His footsteps. Knowing the Father through Him. All of these things have an ETERNAL impact for the deepest part of you. And we can never know everything there is to know about God. And no mater how hard we try we will never know the end of His love for us.

So… in today’s hectic, information saturated, media drenched, and fallen world what are some everyday practical steps that you can add to your everyday life to take the next steps.

  1. Read Your Bible! Get in there and read it! Five minutes a day. Listening to the word in your car. Whatever you need to do. You don’t need a fancy book or detailed outline to follow. Read what Jesus said. Read about God’s love for His people and how many times He has over and over and over again forgave them and forgives us. Read the things you have read a million times and read them again. Reading the Bible regularly helps you understand and connect with God. Write the scriptures on your heart.
  2. Pray without ceasing (1THess 5:16-17)- I used to think people who said this clearly had no life. Pray constantly. Well I would but I have to go to work, we need clean clothes, and we insist on eating every day. I’m gonna need a few breaks. But think about it. What is the closest relationship you have in your life? For me it’s my husband. Do you stop everything in your day every time you need to ask that person a question or seek some guidance, or just vent? I know I don’t! You know I’m yelling across the house for him to come where I’m folding clothes! Shouldn’t it be the same with God, the One we should be closest to? You don’t even have to yell across the house to get His attention. Just start up a conversation. While you’re folding some undies talk to Him about something that’s on your heart. While you are loading the dishwasher remember to tell Him thank you for the blessings He has given you. While you are standing in line at the grocery thinking about an argument you’ve had ask God to show you what He would like you to see.
  3. Attend church meetings– Why did it seem so easy to go to church when we were little? Maybe because our lives weren’t as hectic back in the “back then”. I thought maybe it seemed that way because I was a kid and didn’t have too much responsibility. But ask the older generations. They agree. Life is much “busier” now. No one has time. We run from thing to thing, from meeting to meeting and it’s EXHAUSTING! So… Sunday morning rolls around and it’s the one day of the week that you don’t have to get up, rush around, and leave the house. But then the church guilt sets in. You know you know what I’m talking about. Like our attendance is doing God a favor! Church is a time for us to worship, to remember who God is, who we are, and what God has done for us. Maybe find a church that meets another day and time of the week if Sunday is just not going to work. But go. Some people have social phobias. There are a lot of online options. But join in. Sing along. Listen and ask God to show you what He wants you to see and maybe reach out for some prayer. For single people it can be daunting to walk into a church alone. Find a friend that attends church and try going with them! You will never regret it and I guarantee God gives us more from spending time with Him and our church family than we could ever give Him back in worship.
  4. Join a Christian community– Small groups are so powerful! Have you tried them? When my husband and I moved from Indiana to Texas our small group was one of the hardest things for us to leave behind. The people in that group prayed with us through our ups and our downs. We were blessed enough to walk with them through their ups and downs. Don’t like groups? Find some friends that share your beliefs and connect with them. These will become the people you call in the middle of the night when your heart is breaking and you need someone. These are the people you group text when something amazing happens and you can’t wait to tell them! These are the people who will be cheering you on in your journey for spiritual growth.
  5. Walk in obedience– This seems like a no-brainer right? But what happens when it’s a hard one? What happens when it’s breaking your heart to tell someone the truth and you just want to lie and save their feelings? What happens when walking in obedience costs you something or someone? I think about the Apostle Paul. In chains, beaten, exhausted, and still obeying God’s commands. There is something powerful that happens when we walk in obedience in the really hard times. I think the miracle that happens is that we get to walk a little closer to God. When are parents most proud of their kids? Bosses of employees? When they have done the exact opposite of what they have told them or when they have really listened, walked in obedience to instruction, and then flourished?
  6. Endeavor to be a servant – Jesus served. The great I Am served. Over and over. He showed us what the heart of a servant should look like in action. It didn’t mater the class, if they were friends or foes, He served. Covered in oozing sores? Didn’t mater. Tax collector that everyone else hated? Called him friend. Serve. Maybe at first you do it because you are making yourself. But as anyone who is serving can tell you, the lessons and spiritual treasures gained from serving are more valuable than the service you give. And those that see you serve, maybe they will be encouraged to turn around and serve someone else.

What are your thoughts on spiritual growth? What have you tried? Did it work? We can ALL use the encouragement and help. I am so excited to help you along your path to being a mature Christian and continuing your growth in the Lord! Let’s talk about steps you can take to become closer to your Creator!

Love and Blessings!


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