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Below you’ll see a list of packages. Please don’t get bogged down with choosing what you think you may or may not need. Rather, let’s just have a chat and talk about your goals. We’ll figure it out together then. Easy-peasy!


We’ll come up with a rough plan and go from there. I know this can be a daunting idea, but trust me, NOTHING is impossible! 

Remember, you can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengths you (Philippians 4:13). By focusing on what is NOBLE, TRUE, right, pure, lovely, and admirable, anything excellent and praiseworthy, we will find the right path for you.


God will never break a promise and He will ALWAYS see you through!

My Service Packages




CLARITY AND ACTION:  Navigating Life’s Curveballs

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and sometimes we find ourselves facing minor challenges or at a crossroads with various options for our life and relationships. Our “Clarity and Action” coaching package is designed specifically for individuals who are seeking guidance in sorting out short-term issues or goals, making work-related decisions, solving work dilemmas, finding a realistic life/work balance, addressing minor parenting concerns, or navigating any issue that requires just a few sessions to clarify goals, identify strengths, explore supports, and determine feasible options.


In this package, we will begin by deeply understanding the main issue you are facing. Through open and honest discussions, we will delve into the details and explore the underlying factors at play. Together, we will brainstorm and visualize what you want the desired outcome to look like, creating a clear vision for your goals.


Next, we will map out simple and attainable ways to reach those goals. Drawing from your strengths, skills, and available resources, we will develop a practical action plan that aligns with your unique circumstances and aspirations. Our focus will be on identifying realistic steps that can be implemented to bring about positive change in the shortest possible time.


Throughout the coaching process, you will receive guidance, support, and accountability. We will work together in a collaborative and empowering manner, leveraging your inner strengths and external resources to overcome obstacles and make progress. With as little as four sessions, we will navigate the challenges at hand, help you gain clarity, and set you on a path towards success.


This package is perfect for individuals who are seeking prompt assistance in sorting through their concerns, making informed decisions, and taking tangible steps towards their desired outcomes. Whether it’s a work-related dilemma, a need for better work-life balance, or any other pressing issue, our “Clarity and Action” coaching package will provide you with the tools, insights, and strategies to confidently move forward and achieve your goals.


Let’s embark on this transformative journey together and create the positive changes you desire in your life and relationships.

Includes your Get Started Consultation, and 3 – one hour sessions. 

I never want anyone to not be served.  With that in mind, I offer scholarships for those in need.  Let’s connect and create options for you.  


Includes your Get Started Consultation, and 12 – one hour sessions. 


I never want anyone to not be served.  With that in mind, I offer scholarships for those in need.  Let’s connect and discuss your options.


TRANSFORMATIVE JOURNEY:  Navigating Major Life Changes

Life is full of major transitions and decisions that can feel overwhelming and daunting. Our “Transformative Journey” coaching package is specifically designed for individuals who are seeking to make significant changes or navigate through major life decisions. Whether you are facing career transitions, starting a new chapter in marriage, dealing with marriage issues, parenting challenges, caring for aging parents, making financial choices, or experiencing other significant life changes, this package is tailored to support you on your journey.


In this package, we will begin by sorting out the major issues that require attention. Through deep exploration and reflection, we will identify the key areas of focus that align with your current life stage and goals. By gaining clarity on these major issues, we will create a solid foundation for our coaching journey.


Next, we will work together to prioritize those issues based on their importance and urgency in your life. By understanding the significance of each challenge, we can allocate appropriate time, energy, and resources to address them effectively. This prioritization process ensures that we tackle the most pressing matters while also considering the long-term goals and aspirations you have.


Once we have identified the major issues and established priorities, we will proceed to sort out short and long-term goals. We will delve into the desired outcomes and aspirations you have for each area of your life. By setting clear goals, we create a roadmap for your journey and provide a sense of direction and purpose.


Together, we will map out feasible and realistic ways to reach those goals, utilizing your strengths and existing support systems. We will explore the resources and tools available to you and design strategies that leverage your unique capabilities. Throughout the coaching process, we will provide guidance, encouragement, and accountability to keep you motivated and focused.


The “Transformative Journey” coaching package is a commitment of two to six months, with weekly sessions tailored to your specific needs. This duration allows for a comprehensive exploration of your challenges, a deep dive into your goals, and the implementation of sustainable changes. We will walk alongside you as you navigate major life changes, providing a safe and supportive space for reflection, growth, and transformation.


No matter the complexities and mix of challenges you face, we are here to help you prioritize, navigate, and achieve your goals with confidence. Our collaborative approach, rooted in your strengths and existing support systems, will empower you to embrace major life changes and make informed decisions. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together and create the fulfilling and purposeful life you desire.

THRIVING TRANSFORMATION:  Embracing Major Life Changes

Embarking on major life changes can be both thrilling and challenging. Our “Thriving Transformation” coaching package is specifically designed for individuals who are ready to make significant shifts in their lives. Whether you are seeking to prioritize your spiritual growth, overcome addiction or sobriety challenges, address major marital or parenting issues, or navigate other life obstacles, this package is tailored to support you on your journey of transformation.


In this package, we will start by assessing where you currently stand in each of the domains you wish to focus on. We will explore your spiritual journey, personal growth, relationships, and any other areas that are important to you. By gaining a holistic understanding of your life’s different dimensions, we will be able to identify the interconnections and create a comprehensive roadmap for your transformation.


Next, we will examine how each domain works together in your life. We will explore how your spiritual growth impacts your relationships, how personal growth influences your decision-making, and how various aspects of your life intertwine. By understanding the interconnectedness, we can ensure that your goals and aspirations align harmoniously across all domains.


We will then work together to develop short, medium, and long-term goals for each domain. These goals will be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART), providing clarity and focus for your transformation journey. By breaking down your aspirations into manageable milestones, we will create a sense of progress and accomplishment along the way.


Throughout the coaching process, we will provide ongoing support, guidance, and accountability as you navigate the major life changes you desire. This package is designed to be flexible and ongoing, tailored to your unique needs and timeline. We understand that major life overhauls require time and a nurturing environment, so we ensure that you have the space and support necessary to flourish.


Our goal is to help you embrace healthy, major changes and embark on a journey of thriving transformation. We believe that this is an exciting time for you, filled with opportunities for growth, learning, and maturity. Together, we will create a customized coaching experience that aligns with your specific goals and aspirations, ensuring that each domain of your life works in conjunction with the others.


As you make these transformative shifts, we will be by your side, celebrating your successes, offering guidance through challenges, and providing a safe and non-judgmental space for reflection and exploration. Your journey is unique, and we are here to help you unlock your full potential and embrace the fulfilling life you deserve.


Please note that this package is ongoing for as long as needed and as often as needed, as we understand that major life changes require dedicated attention and support. Let us embark on this thrilling journey of thriving transformation together!

This program is custom crafted to your particular needs. 


Let’s have a conversation and create your program.